Welcome to Trinity Rep! Or if you're one of our veteran ushers, welcome back! We have approximately 300 dedicated individuals who give their time to the theater and we are always happy to welcome new volunteers.

   Please click here for a listing of performances for which we currently need help this season.

  Duties: Volunteer duties may include giving directions in the theater, stuffing and/or passing out programs, and seating patrons.  If you have mobility concerns, please let us know in advance.

 Responsibilities: Ushers are required to arrive no later than one hour prior to the performance for which they are scheduled. A short orientation is given to all ushers before each performance. That meeting is mandatory, regardless of how many years you've been volunteering. In addition to general information about the theater, which all ushers must know in order to assist patrons, there is always performance-specific information given out at the meeting. If you anticipate parking issues or inclement weather please leave for the theater a bit earlier. Ushers who do not arrive in time for the meeting may not be asked to stay for that performance. For the ushers who arrive on time, they are welcome to stay and see the show, provided there are seats available. There is never a guarantee.

  Dress code: White dress or tennis/polo shirt and black pants or skirt; comfortable shoes (not sneakers).

  Scheduling: While it is not a requirement, we ask that you consider trying to helping out for one performance of each production.  It is very important that volunteers stick to their schedule. That is the only way we can assure ourselves that we have enough ushers for a given performance. If you cannot make it to a performance for any reason, we ask that you contact House Management as early as possible. Should you have to change an assignment, we will do our best to switch you to an alternative date. If there is any question as to whether or not you are scheduled for a given performance, please check in advance. Please do not come to the theater for a performance for which you are not scheduled and do not bring along a friend or guest to usher with you unless you have checked with House Management in advance.

If you have an questions about becoming a volunteer usher or wish to schedule or change an ushering assignment, please contact Steve Lehrer by email (
housemgmt@trinityrep.com) or call 521-1100 x188 (this is a voice mail line only). If you are a new volunteer, please be sure to include a telephone number, e-mail address, and mailing address. You cannot be assigned dates unless we have that information in our database.




  Thank you in advance for your time, your hard work, and your love of Trinity Rep. See you at the theater!