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Sister's Easter Catechism: Will My Bunny Go to Heaven?


By: Maripat Donovan

Starring: Nonie Riley

Showing: MARCH 1 - MARCH 19, 2017

Where: Dowling Theater


About the Show

Celebrate the Easter season with Sister as she answers the time-worn questions of the season like "Why isn't Easter the same day every year like Christmas?" and "Will my bunny go to heaven?" Part pageant, and wHOLY hysterical, this latest of the sinfully funny Late Nite Catechism series unearths the origins of Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, Easter bonnets, Easter baskets, and of course those yummy Easter Peeps. Sister answers questions about pet heaven and the significance of those adorable baby chicks! Classroom participation is a must, so don't forget to wear your Easter bonnet and join Sister for this seasonal treat!

Check out this teaser and get excited for class!

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