October 2020 Update
Committee and Consultants

Last month, we announced our commitment to anti-racism and promised updates as we progressed through the journey. Here is our first update. We invite our community to provide feedback by replying to this email or completing the anonymous form at the bottom of this page.

Within days of the Board of Trustees voting to form the Anti-Racism Transformation Committee, the group was fully constituted and interviews were scheduled with potential consulting partners. The committee selected an incredible combination of consultants, who each bring unique expertise to our process.

We are looking forward to working with Michaela Pommells from CORAJUS (Coalition for Racial Justice); Karla Vigil and Carlon Howard from Equity Institute; and Kelvin Dinkins from Dinkins Consulting. The committee is meeting weekly and is beginning to gather information to conduct an audit of our current and past practices.

Anti-Racism Transformation Committee Members

Resident Acting Company
Daniel Duque-Estrada
Mia Ellis
Jude Sandy
Stephen Thorne
Joe Wilson, Jr.

Amanda Downing Carney
Curt Columbus, artistic director
Michelle Cruz
Kate Kataja
Tom Parrish, executive director

Marta V. Martínez, Rhode Island Latino Arts
Theresa Moore, T-Time Productions
Sylvia Spears, vice president for equity and social justice, Emerson College

Board of Trustees
Lou Giancola
Sean Holley
Ken Sigel
Donna Vanderbeck

Feedback Form