Be a part of the 2020 Community Sing

A Christmas Carol is moving online this year and we want to include YOU in the fun and hear your voices.

In addition to the on-demand streaming video, we will also be releasing bonus content including a Community Sing video, which will be a compilation of community members like you singing along to one or more of our selected carols. Please join us!


Deck The Halls
Go Tell It On The Mountain
We Wish You a Merry Christmas


Send us a video of you singing along to one or more of our Christmas carols.

If you’re a little shy when it comes to singing, you can clap, sign or sway along to our songs. We want you to participate any way you can and feel comfortable.


Please send your videos by December 4 at 11:59 pm to


Practice your Christmas carols
Use the accompanied piano track and if you want a singing practice partner, listen to Michelle’s recording to help you out. She’s recorded different parts you may want to try when you record your video. Get the lyrics here.

Get in the spirit!
Have a fun hat or maybe an ugly Christmas sweater you want to wear? Great, be festive!

Get your recording equipment ready
Set up your computer’s webcam or your phone’s camera to video yourself or ask a household member to help. Make sure the spot you choose has good lighting. Try to face the light instead of having it behind you.

Reduce background noise as much as possible to make sure we can hear YOU.

If you are using your phone, hold your it horizontally for the best layout.

Play the piano track(s)
Grab your headphones, air pods, etc. and sing or move along to one of the attached tracks, either piano only or with Michelle singing. We only want to hear you and not the piano or Michelle singing in the background. She’s happy to be your background singer while you practice but we want to hear YOU shine when it is time to record.

Lyrics – all songs

Deck the Halls – piano accompaniment
Go Tell it on the Mountain – piano accompaniment
We Wish You a Merry Christmas – piano accompaniment

Deck the Halls – vocals
Go Tell it on the Mountain – vocals
We Wish You a Merry Christmas – vocals

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT RECORDING! You must sing along to one of the provided backing tracks when you record so that everyone will be in sync and on the same notes.

Send us your video
Email your video file(s) or upload the file(s) to a file sharing service like Dropbox and send a link. Send to Michelle Cruz at If you are submitting more than one song, please send each song as a separate file or link.

Get Ready for the Show
Sign up here for your free link to A Christmas Carol Online and watch for bonus features like the Community Sing video to be released. Bonus material will be posted on the show page and sent via email.

There will be many submissions, so please know we will only be using a portion of your video.

Send questions to

YOUR PERMISSION AND CONSENT: By participating in this project, you—and anyone who appears in the video—are agreeing to allow Trinity Rep to use your name, voice, and likeness as we distribute and publicize the resulting video after the production of A Christmas Carol Online, social media, and other platforms. If you have any concerns with this, please contact Michelle Cruz at