The following content advisories provide more information about the shows in the 2021-22 Season.

A Christmas Carol

Sound and sensory stimulation.

Tiny Beautiful Things

Descriptions of sexual situations, violence and incest, discussions of child death and loss, mention of drug use, and mature language.  

Gem of the Ocean

Themes of generational racial trauma and violence rooted in anti-Blackness, descriptions of suicide, murder and violence and strong adult language.


Explicit onstage violence, themes of imprisonment and torture, and strong adult language.  


Strong adult language, themes of Black trauma; audience members who are physically able will be invited to participate in the production. Trinity Rep is still observing strict COVID safety policies and no physical contact will be made.

Age Recommendations

All shows (except A Christmas Carol) are recommended for audiences 13 years or older, and A Christmas Carol is recommended for audiences 5 years or older. However, we recognize that parents and guardians are best suited to make decisions for their children.

Children under the age of 2 are not permitted to attend A Christmas Carol; children under the age of 5 are not permitted to attend all other shows.