Age Recommendations

A Christmas Carol is recommended for audiences 5 years or older. For other productions, we recognize that parents and guardians are best suited to make decisions for their children.

Children under the age of 2 are not permitted to attend A Christmas Carol; children under the age of 5 are not permitted to attend all other shows.

Health and Content Warnings

Health warnings refer to technical elements of a production that may cause distress (i.e. fog, strobes, etc.)

Content warnings refer to the subject matter and language in a production.

A Christmas Carol

Content Advisories: References to death during childbirth, references to death of a child, discussions of ableism against neurodivergent people

Health and Sensory Advisories: Use of strobe lights, flickering lights, reflective mirrors, and haze; loud noises such as shouts, bells, and confetti cannons; jump scares; artificial snow falling from above

Click here to read the full Sensory-Friendly guide

La Broa’ (Broad Street)

Content Advisories: To be announced

Health Advisories: To be announced

August Wilson’s Fences

Content Advisories: Themes of generational racial trauma and violence rooted in anti-Blackness, strong adult language, and references to sexual content

Health Advisories: To be announced

La Cage aux Folles

Content Advisories: Mild sexual innuendo and references to alcohol

Health Advisories: To be announced