Sample Partner List

Specific partners for each production will be listed on each show’s page, and here are some of the organizations that Trinity Rep has formed long-term relationships with:

Rhode Island Community Food Bank
Rhode Island Latino Arts
SOAR (Sisters Overcoming Abusive Relationships)

Consensus Organizing

Consensus Organizing for Theater  is a process through which a theater builds stake in multiple pockets of the community; and those communities build stake in the theater by surfacing where the needs and agendas of both intersect. We become invested in each other’s organizations and goals, forming a relationship that lasts beyond one performance. Ideally this mutual investment informs each organization’s future decisions because that’s what it means to be a community.

Trinity Rep follows this methodology to build partnerships in the community. These partnerships often result in a wide variety of public programming fueled by the work on Trinity Rep’s stages and made concrete by the aspirations of our community partners.

For more information, contact Community Engagement Coordinator Rebecca Noon at