Faculty and Administration

Brown/Trinity Rep

Curt Columbus, Artistic Director, Trinity Repertory Company, Directing

Watch Curt Columbus on A Teaching Hospital and The Whole Artist

Stephen Berenson, Director of the MFA Programs, Acting

Watch Stephen Berenson on Change at Brown/Trinity Rep and Journey and Life Experiences

Brian McEleney, Head of the MFA Acting Program

Watch Brian McEleney on Being an Actor and Making Something New

Brian Mertes, Head of the MFA Directing Program

Thom Jones, Head of Voice and Speech

Shura BaryshnikovContact Improv

Watch Shura Baryshnikov on Contact Improvisation and Discovery

Angela BrazilSpeech

Watch Angela Brazil on Dialects

Barbara CaseyAlexander Technique

Tyler Dobrowsky, Professional Development

John EmighTheatre History

Carol GillVoice/Alexander Technique

Watch Carol Gill on Finding Freedom

Kathryne JenningsSinging

Watch Kathryne Jennings on The Singing Program and Confidence

Melissa KievmanDirecting

Eugene LeeScene Design

Jude SandyMovement and Embodiment Practice

Anne Scurria, Acting

Watch Anne Scurria on Connecting with a Character

Kimberly SeniorDirecting

Deborah Salem Smith, Playwriting

Watch Deborah Salem Smith on Artists and Teachers

Jeff Smithson, Physical Theatre and Play

Brown University Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

Patrica YbarraChair of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, Theatre History
Spencer Golub, Director of Graduate Studies, Theatrical Modernism/Theory
Elmo Terry-Morgan, Artistic Director of Rites and Reason Theatre, Africana Studies

Michelle Bach-CoulibalyDance
Erik EhnHead of Playwriting
Marcus GardleyPlaywriting
Rebecca SchneiderPerformance Studies
Kym MooreActing/Directing
Julie Adams Strandberg, Dance
Barbara TannenbaumPersuasive Communications

Brown/Trinity Rep Administration

Jill Jann, Brown/Trinity Rep Program Manager
Nicole Ratkoski, Brown/Trinity Rep Production Manager
Sammi Haskell, Brown/Trinity Rep Production Coordinator
Michael Cline, Pell Chafee Performance Center Technical Supervisor