In our current production of Into the Breeches! the men are off at war as the women put on The Henriad and face the war on the home front. We see the women in the play writing letters, making socks, and other ways to help the war effort. Into the Breeches! takes place in 1942, but we all know that right now in 2018, Rhode Islanders are stationed in military bases all over the world. In order to keep supporting our troops, Trinity Rep has partnered with the Rhode Island chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution on a letter-writing drive. Guests are asked to contribute a small note or letter that we will collect and mail out to those in service.

How do you participate? Simple! When you are at the theater you can locate the letter-writing station and handwrite a note that will be sent out to those that serve our country. Or, you are welcome to fill out the form below which we will print and include with our handwritten letters. Letters will be mailed out every Monday to a different location. This week’s letters are being mailedYongsan Garrison Army Base located in Seoul, South Korea. This base currently houses about 6,200 active duty members.

The deadline to use the online form to submit a letter is March 5, 2018.

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