Gayle Ulrich

General Manager
Phone: (401) 453-9224

Gayle Ulrich is the General Manager of Trinity Rep.  She brings over 25 years of accounting and operations experience to her work here at the State Theater of Rhode Island.  As a subscriber for over a decade, along with her husband and two daughters, Gayle’s previous theater experience is happily rooted in the audience.

Gayle is from SE Massachusetts and lives in Somerset. Her career  has included financial and operations management for Leonard’s Antiques, Yomega Skill Toys, two Providence office buildings, and co-owning a coffee shop in Somerset.  She received her MBA with a concentration in Accounting from the Charlton College of Business at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth.

“Having the opportunity to work for Trinity Rep is a dream come true for me.  I am delighted to work with all these amazing and talented people every day, while actors sing in the rehearsal space that is on the floor below my office.  I honestly could not be happier”.