Jessica Hatem

House Manager

Jessica Hatem is a native of White Plains, NY, a city just outside the city everyone talks about when they mention New York state. Thanks to her proximity to the Big Apple and Broadway, Jessica developed an early obsession with theater that quickly led to an overwhelming desire to be a part of it. Acting, directing, and writing shows in school and at her musical theater summer camp, and working lights and sound for a community theater group, eventually brought her to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she double majored in Dramatic Writing and History. Much in the way she had explored all sides of theater in her youth, Jessica used her college career and internships to explore the many facets of film and television, writing and directing projects while also interning in a variety of companies—from independent film producers, to acting studios, to agencies, and even to corporations like Viacom, where she worked at MTV. What brought all of these experiences together was the need to get people interested in a work—finding an audience, and keeping them engaged with the art or artist. A desire to learn about this directly led Jessica to Trinity Rep’s Marketing department, where she is beyond thrilled to intern this season. She is certain everything she will learn here, surrounded by talented and driven people, will help her fulfill her goal of one day founding her own theatre company, and benefit her as she continues to write and create works of her own.

“I’m most excited to utilize what I know from other parts of entertainment to market my first and greatest artistic love—theater!”