OCTOBER 21 and 22, 2019 7:00 pm
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Each year, Trinity Rep creates a special theatrical event, America Too, with and for its community about an issue affecting our lives. Each year the topic and performance are different, but the goal remains the same: catalyzing conversation and action by putting the actual stories of our community at the center of the work.

This year’s America Too will examine personal health and wellbeing in partnership with BIF’s Personalized Medicine by Design project.

The project commences with Story Sharing Workshops as community members gather to share their stories and experiences with professional playwrights and storytellers. These artists will then craft a series of short plays to be performed at Trinity Rep with an audience discussion following the performances. During the conversation, we will invite participants to consider what we can do in Rhode Island to design a healthcare system that puts individuals and families at the core, with access to the information, tools, and resources to improve their own health and wellbeing.

In the past four years, Trinity Rep’s America Too event has spurred conversation about DACA’s repeal, illuminated our community’s relationship to policing and racism, performed the plays that emerged from the Every 28 Hours movement in Ferguson, Missouri, and performed short stories to spark conversation about the housing crisis in Providence.

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The project commences with four Story Sharing Workshops, where community members gather to share their personal stories of health and wellbeing. BIF and Trinity Rep will work to identify and partner with community organizations throughout Rhode Island to participate in these four workshops. Ideal partners will serve communities whose voices are traditionally not heard. Participating community members will have the opportunity to work with professional playwrights and storytellers to develop their narrative into a piece to be shared on stage by area actors during a culminating event at Trinity Rep. Each of the workshops will be facilitated by a Lead Artist.

  • Dominic D’Andrea: Director of Community Engagement at Queens Theatre; Founder and Outgoing Artistic Director of the One-Minute Play Festival
  • Val Tutson: Rhode Island Black Storytellers; Winner of the 2019 Rhode Island Pell Award for Excellence in the Arts
  • Meg Sullivan: Artistic Director for the Manton Avenue Project in Olneyville
  • Sokeo Ros: Dancer, Storyteller, Performer, Teacher and Advisor at Case Closed; Program Director at Everett Company

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