New Year, new you! Right? Well this year Trinity Rep is looking at all the things you can do to try something different this New Year. From seeing a new play to getting connected through social media, we’ve got five things you can do at Trinity Rep in these first few months of 2018.

1.       Laugh till it hurts

This month Trinity Rep is delighted to bring George Brant’s latest comedy to the stage. His show Into the Breeches! keeps the audience laughing from the first scene all the way until the end.  The show is about a group of women putting on Henry IV and Henry V while the majority of men are off fighting World War II. The play touches on plenty of themes that even a modern audience will be able to relate to. The show is hysterical and heartfelt and was written specifically for the amazing Trinity Rep cast, so everyone’s talents will be showcased. The show runs Jan 25-Feb 25 and tickets can be purchased at TrinityRep.com

2.       Learn something

With every show comes our rousing Context and Conversation series that gets into the depths of each play that we produce. This year is no exception with an amazing panel assembling on Into the Breeches! on Thursday, February 8 at Sophia Academy in Providence. The conversation will be about women of different ages sharing their experiences with leadership, learning, encountering boundaries and testing them, and considering how Shakespeare’s mysterious, liberating, exploratory perspective can help us ask new questions and gain new understanding of ourselves and one another.  For more information or to RSVP to the event please contact Rebecca Noon at rnoon@trinityrep.com

3.       Break out of your comfort zone

Ever wanted to be an actor? Or even just thought of it once or twice while seeing a Trinity Rep play? Now’s your chance! Trinity Rep will be featuring two acting classes this winter/spring season, Acting for Non-Actors on Wednesdays from 7-9 pm starting on February 7. In addition, Intro to Acting kicks off on February 25 on Mondays from 7-9 pm. Each class is limited in the number of participants so students can really get one-on-one attention. For more information check out trinityrep.com/engagement/adults/adult-classes/

4.       Stay connected

Did you know that Trinity Rep is super active on social media? We try to keep the world updated about what we’re doing, when we’re doing it, and the awesome things that we see in our day-to-day lives. Why not be a part of the action this year and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Who knows what you might see!

5.       Give back to the community

The season of giving isn’t just for the holidays. This year make a resolution to give back! Did you know that Trinity Rep’s largest source of annual income comes from people just like you? Help your community by making a donation to Trinity Rep. Your donation can do some amazing things, like introduce kids to the arts and different ways to think about the world, and help create new work that feeds the soul. There are so many ways to give, and there are benefits for donations at every level. You’ll be helping out your community and continuing that spirit of giving all year long! For more information go to trinityrep.com/support/