Welcome home to Trinity Rep.

As the State Theater of Rhode Island, we are committed to providing artistic work of the highest quality to all members of our community.  

OUR MISSION is to reinvent the public square with dramatic art that stimulates, educates, and engages our diverse community in a continuing dialogue. We do this through nationally recognized stage productions, community engagement programming, a professional artistic and resident company, graduate training programs offered in partnership with Brown University, lifelong learning opportunities, and arts education programs for students in grades K-12. 


Company • We provide eclectic, bold, and original theater through our resident acting company. Since 1964, we have proven that a company of resident artists is the best vehicle to achieve the best theater, while at the same time contributing to the vibrancy of our community. Our vision for the artistic company includes artists of diverse backgrounds and ages, with a range of talents and abilities, including acting, writing, and directing. A resident company provides playwrights and directors a unique opportunity to develop new work specifically suited to the strengths of actors, and to reimagine classic work in innovative and groundbreaking ways. We premiere at least one production each year developed specifically for our company and continue to revitalize our company of artists. 

Community • We are a public square. We are a cultural resource where the ideas and issues of our time and culture are pondered, discussed, debated, and sparked by the work on our stages. We provide rich, engaging opportunities in our classrooms, talkbacks, and online materials. We are committed to our location in downtown Providence. Renovating and conserving our building is fundamental to who we are and why we exist. Our vision for our iconic, historic theater facility includes a commitment to accessibility for all, more space for public gathering and educational programs, and an expanded capability for world-class artistry.  

Education • We offer in-depth educational opportunities. We contribute to the well-being of this region in innumerable and profound ways, especially through our educational programs. The work on our stages is a point of genesis, not the endpoint, for our numerous education programs. More than 1.4 million students have experienced live theater through Project Discovery, our student matinee program founded in 1966. The Brown University/Trinity Rep MFA Acting and Directing programs are among the top graduate studies programs in the world, developing the next generation of theater artists. Our myriad lifelong learning educational courses serve not only thousands of children each year, but also adults of all ages. 


We at Trinity Rep acknowledge our complicit and too-often active involvement in upholding and benefiting from structures of racism and oppression. We have resolved to meaningfully place anti-racism at the center of all of our work. We are committed to developing, sharing, and holding ourselves accountable to short and long-term goals, with full recognition that this work has no endpoint. More information about our commitment and our goals, as well as an opportunity to provide feedback on this work, can be found here.


Founded in 1963, Trinity Rep is nationally recognized for excellence and innovation. The company received the Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theater in 1981, produced four television productions for PBS, toured India and Syria, and was the first American theater company to perform at the Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland. Trinity Rep’s Project Discovery program, which celebrated 50 years of student matinees in 2016, is a national model for arts education. 

Trinity Rep shapes the future of the nation’s theater through the development and production of new plays, as well as the Brown University/Trinity Rep MFA program — a tuition-free, three-year program that is one of the leading actor and director training programs in the world.