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November 4, 2022 - January 1, 2023

A Christmas Carol (2022)

By Charles Dickens
Original music by Richard Cumming
Directed by Aileen Wen McGroddy
November 4, 2022 – January 1, 2023

PLEASE NOTE: This show’s run has ended.

Celebrating the holidays together

Rhode Island’s family holiday tradition returns! Reimagined anew every year, this glorious, joyful telling of the classic story evokes the magic and hope of the season and its contemporary relevance. Guided by Jacob Marley and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, and ultimately inspired by the community, Ebenezer Scrooge embarks on a heartwarming journey toward redemption. 

Spoiler Alert!


Below is a synopsis of the show. You've been warned.

It’s a cold, Christmas Eve night in Dickensian London.  Ebenezer Scrooge, the miserly businesswoman, continues to work away from the holiday merriment with her clerk, Bob Cratchit. Scrooge’s nephew, Fred, enters the office to invite him to Christmas dinner with his family. Scrooge turns him down without even a “Merry Christmas.” Scrooge leaves his office for the London street scene. There are children singing carols and people begging Scrooge for money.

As she walks home, she begins to hear the voice of her deceased business partner, Marley. Scrooge arrives home, scared and startled, and tries to convince herself that the voices were only her imagination. But soon the ghost of Marley appears to warn her that she will be visited by three spirits and that Scrooge must listen to them if she wants to escape a terrible fate. Even though Scrooge doesn’t believe what she sees or hears, later that night the Ghost of Christmas Past appears. The spirit shows Scrooge images from her childhood and young adulthood, including moments with his sister Fan, his first employer Mr. Fezziwig, and a painful memory with her ex-fiancée, Rei, who left her because she cared for her money more than him.

Soon the Ghost of Christmas Present arrives and shows Scrooge Bob Cratchit’s tiny home on this Christmas Day. Cratchit enters carrying his son, Tiny Tim, on his shoulders and singing. The spirit tells Scrooge that unless the future changes, Tiny Tim will die. The ghost also shows Scrooge his nephew Fred’s house, where the assembled are playing games and making fun of Scrooge. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come finally appears. They don’t speak to Scrooge, only showing him several conversations where people discuss the death of a lonely old woman. The spirit shows the dead woman’s clothes and items being sold. The last stop is Scrooge’s own tombstone, where she realizes that the lonely woman whose death is being celebrated is her own.

Scrooge vows to change her ways. She honors Christmas Day when she wakes up in the morning, spreading through generosity and kindness. With a newly-warmed heart, Scrooge brings a large turkey and warm greetings to the Cratchit home before joining her nephew Fred and his husband Lucas for Christmas dinner. Never again does Scrooge ignore the joys of the holiday spirit.

Cast & Creative

Jeff Ararat
Pop, Topper
Angela Brazil
The Ghost of Christmas Present, Old Jo, Understudy for Scrooge
Jihan Haddad '22
Mrs. Cratchit, Becky
Michael Hisamoto '23
Holly, Rei
Phyllis Kay
Ebenezer Scrooge
Claire Koenig '23
Dilber, Adult Fan, Juniper
Gunnar Manchester '22
Nephew Fred
Jenny Nguyen Nelson '23
The Ghost of Christmas Past, Brenda, Turkey
Luis Ra Rivera '23
Bob Cratchit
Jenna Lea Scott
Daughter, Schoolteacher, Mrs. Rei, Barb
Dereks Thomas
Ivy, Fezziwig, Lucas, Mort
Rachael Warren

Additional Cast

Jianni Amaral
Red Cast: Tiny Tim, Schoolchild
Charlotte Hall
Green Cast: Tiny Tim, Schoolchild
Cameron Miller
Red Cast: Young Fan, The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, Caroling Child
Kiera Nagle
Green Cast: Young Fan, The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, Caroling Child
Victoria Ruiz
Red Cast: Martha Cratchit, Schoolchild
Giselle Vides
Green Cast: Martha Cratchit, Schoolchild
Samuel Memery
Red Cast: Peter Cratchit, Young Fred, Schoolchild
Owen Richard
Green Cast: Peter Cratchit, Young Fred, Schoolchild
Deyehla Debrito-Zuendoki
Red Cast: Belinda Cratchit, Ignorance, Schoolchild
Eleanor Brown-Araujo
Green Cast: Belinda Cratchit, Ignorance, Schoolchild
Emily Mallon
Red Cast: Turkey Kid, Want, Schoolchild
Malik Cross
Green Cast: Turkey Kid, Want, Schoolchild
Tay Bass
Layan Elwazani
Allison Jones
Arturo Puentes
Katsuto Sakogashira
Sara States
Rosalyn Tavarez


Aileen Wen McGroddy
Andrew Smithson
Musical Director
Mike Sartini
Band Director
Shura Baryshnikov
Tatiana Kahvegian
Set Designer
Camilla Dely
Costume Designer
Keith Parham
Lighting Designer
Caroline Eng
Sound Designer
Marcus Carroll
Stage Manager
Anaïs Bustos
Assistant Stage Manager
Emily Hanlon
Production Assistant
Olivia Tellier
Production Assistant
Genevieve Ferrara
Child Coordinator
Erin Sylvia
COVID-19 Safety Manager
Jenny Nguyen Nelson '23
Dance Captain
Luis Ra Rivera '23
Fight Captain


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