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November 9, 2023 - December 31, 2023

A Christmas Carol

Adapted from the novella by Charles Dickens
Original music by Richard Cumming
Directed and adapted by Stephen Thorne
November 9 – December 31, 2023

Please Note: This production’s run has ended.

Celebrating the holidays together 

Everyone’s favorite curmudgeon, Ebenezer Scrooge, is back. He is a wrenching, covetous, mean old man, caring more for money than the good of his family or neighbors. When the clock strikes midnight one fateful Christmas Eve, the ghost of Scrooge’s old pal Marley pays a much overdue visit. Through a supernatural journey, Scrooge must confront his past, acknowledge his present, and define his future for the good of his community, and his very soul. A timeless holiday tale of redemption and joy, Trinity Rep’s reimagined production of A Christmas Carol has been a beloved New England family tradition for over 45 years!

**Please Note: The set for A Christmas Carol is designed to be in the round with unique scenic elements to allow for the best audience and artist interaction and an incredible holiday experience.  There are select seats with an obstructed view due to a scenic element. They are priced accordingly.


Cast & Creative

Jeff Church
The Ghost of Christmas Past/Topper/The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come/Ensemble
Jackie Davis
Mrs. Quince/Dilber's Sister/Undertaker/Ensemble
Richard Donelly
Mr. Mulwray/Fezziwig/Mr. Cruncher/Old Joe/Ensemble
Taavon Gamble
The Ghost of Christmas Present/Poor Husband/Ensemble
Nina Giselle
Present’s Assistant/Royal Exchange/Ensemble
Mauro Hantman
Ebenezer Scrooge
Phyllis Kay
Kevin Patrick Martin
Bob Cratchit/Ensemble
Alison Russo
Niece Fred/Royal Exchange/Poor Wife/Ensemble
Jenna Lea Scott
Mrs. Cratchit/Ensemble
Sara States
Belle/Tavern Keep/Miss Lightwood/Charwoman/Ensemble
Rodney Witherspoon, II
Jacob Marley/Martin/Royal Exchange/Ensemble
Kayla Bennett
Understudy for Jenna Lea Scott
Abram Blau
Understudy for Jeff Church
Lily Kops
Understudy for Alison Russo
Teddy Lytle
Understudy for Mauro Hantman
Erin Lockett
Understudy for Jackie Davis and Nina Giselle
Jessie March
Understudy for Phyllis Kay and Sara States
Justin Mitchell
Understudy for Rodney Witherspoon II
Mathieu Myrick
Understudy for Kevin Patrick Martin
Henry Nwaru
Understudy for Taavon Gamble and Richard Donelly

Additional Cast

Luca Anderson
Tiny Tim/Sinus Kid/Ensemble (Red Cast)
Riley Hewes
Tiny Tim/Sinus Kid/Ensemble (Green Cast)
Grace Perkins
Martha Cratchit/Tabitha/Ensemble (Red Cast)
Danasia Scurry
Martha Cratchit/Tabitha/Ensemble (Green Cast)
Kelser Michael
Peter Cratchit/Dick Wilkins/Ensemble (Red Cast)
Philip Vaile-Lucason
Peter Cratchit/Dick Wilkins/Ensemble (Green Cast)
Olivia Jarbadan
Belinda Cratchit/Clara/Ensemble (Red Cast)
Hadley Boyle
Belinda Cratchit/Clara/Ensemble (Green Cast)
Lou Wechsler
Fan/Wild Kid/Ensemble (Red Cast)
Eleanor Pinsker
Fan/Wild Kid/Ensemble (Green Cast)
Lily Altomari
Turkey Kid/Ensemble (Red Cast)
Eleanor Brown-Araujo
Turkey Kid/Ensemble (Green Cast)


Stephen Thorne
Gia Yarn
Assistant Director
Michael Rice
Music Director
yaTande Whitney V. Hunter
Michael McGarty
Set Designer
Toni Spadafora-Sadler
Costume Designer
James Horban
Lighting Designer
Peter Sasha Hurowitz
Sound Designer
Amanda Kosack
Stage Manager
Shoshana Adler
Assistant Stage Manager


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