Trinity Rep and Amica celebrate the season artfully


It’s been a joyful holiday ritual for decades, full of color, light and good wishes. But it may not be the one you’re most familiar with.

While Trinity Rep has been partying with the Fezziwigs for over 40 years in its beloved annual production of “A Christmas Carol,” its Rhode Island neighbor, Amica Insurance, has been brightening Thanksgiving for customers and families.

Since 1971, Amica has chosen an original painting to grace a Thanksgiving card sent to every customer at the start of the holiday season — now totaling nearly 900,000 households. Amica blends tradition with technology by featuring the chosen painting and artist on its website, From this site, anyone can send the e-card, free of charge, to family and friends.

Like Trinity patrons who believe the season wouldn’t be the same without “A Christmas Carol,” many of Amica’s customers say it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the company’s annual card. Amica gets a big response for its greeting each year, like this typical comment from a customer: “I have been getting my Thanksgiving card for over 30 years. It’s tradition! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!”

Amica, headquartered in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is just 10 minutes from Trinity Rep and is a corporate sponsor of “A Christmas Carol.” Founded in Providence in 1907, Amica is the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the country, and one of the largest corporate headquarters in Rhode Island. With 44 branches around the country, Amica is consistently recognized for exceptional customer service in publications, ratings guides and by customers themselves.

For Amica, the celebration of the season doesn’t begin and end in the brushstrokes of the art. In recent years, the company has paired its seasonal greeting with a food drive that inspires its employees to give back. In 2017, employees at Amica’s headquarters collected more than 20,000 food items for the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. This year, holiday giving goes companywide to include community food drives and volunteering with local nonprofits across the nation.

Just as Trinity friends and family have their favorite “Carol” character, Amica employees call out certain paintings as the ones that most embody the holiday season. But, like anything artful, it’s a personal choice. “I love them all,” says CEO Bob DiMuccio, “and I’m so grateful to be part of a tradition that has connected us with our customers for nearly 50 years.”