Accessible seats are available in both of Trinity Rep’s theaters.

In the Dowling Theater, there are five designated-accessible seats. There is one accessible seat at the Off-Center price level, and two each in the Main and Prime price levels. Each of those seats has an adjoining companion seat.

In the Chace Theater, there are twelve designated-accessible seats. There are four seats in each of the price levels: Off Center, Main and Prime.

These seats may be purchased online or via the ticket office by phone or in-person. They are available to any ticket holder (paid or complimentary) including subscribers, group sales, or single tickets (non-subscriptions). Every effort will be made to ensure that these seats are sold to patrons requiring accessible seats.

When all non-accessible seats available for sale in a particular price category have been sold, unsold accessible seats in that price category may be released for sale to the general public.

Updated April 25, 2019