Your guide to watching the 2020 A Christmas Carol Online

See below for answers to the most frequently asked questions about this production. If your question is not answered below, please email or call (401) 351-4242.

Read more about the show here.

To download a PDF with all of the FAQ’s, click here.

Quick Guide

  • Register at for your free link to the video and bonus features.
  • Gather your list of props so you can participate at select moments of the show. (see question #2 in the Get Ready to Watch section below)
  • Make sure your computer/mobile device/television is set up and, if applicable, is fully charged or plugged in.
  • Consider making a donation to support Trinity Rep during check out. All donations received between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, up to $60,000, will be matched by the Rhode Island Foundation to benefit the RI Community Food Bank.
  • Enjoy the show.
  • Watch the bonus content.
  • Let us know what you thought and tell your friends by tagging us on social media.
  • Have a happy holiday!

Get Started: Ticketing and General Information

  • Registration is open now.
  • Click the REGISTER FOR FREE ACCESS button at On a desktop or laptop computer, this will be on the right side of the screen beneath the image of Ebenezer Scrooge. On a phone or tablet, you will see this button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select “1” for the number of tickets. You will only need one link, no matter how many people will be watching the show.
  • Enter your name and contact information.
  • Add a donation, if you choose, to help underwrite the cost of this free production. All donations received between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, up to $60,000, will be matched by the Rhode Island Foundation to benefit the RI Community Food Bank.
  • Complete the checkout process.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your link. Your link will also be sent out in a separate email a few days before the video premieres. We will also resend the link to those who have not yet started watching the show before the viewing window closes on January 10.
  • If you have challenges with the online registration or have any questions not answered here, call (401) 351-4242 between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm, Monday through Thursday. Please note that Trinity Rep will be closed for the holidays. We will not be open on Thanksgiving Day or December 24 through January 3.

Viewing Trinity Rep’s 2020 production of A Christmas Carol Online is free! Registration is required, however, so that we can measure the reach of the show and follow-up with bonus features.

The 2020 production will be released at 12:00 pm EST (noon) on December 17, 2020 and will be available through 11:59 pm EST on January 10, 2021. Between these dates, the video can be watched at any time, and as many times as you want.

Not yet. If you signed up for the registration reminder between the end of August and mid-November, you have not yet registered for the show. Follow the instructions above to complete your registration. If you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email with your access link (in a blue button or bar.)

Yes, your link will work if it is shared with others, BUT there are a few factors to consider when doing so. If you would like to share with your friends and family, we recommend that each household register separately.

Here’s why:
Your link will only work on one device at a time, so you cannot watch it at the same time as a friend on separate devices if you are sharing a link. You can do that if you each have your own link. If you are using the same link, whoever logs on last will be the only person able to view the show.

Notifications including access to bonus content and reminders to watch will only be sent to the people who have registered for the link.

We made this show with all ages in mind. Remember, however, that it is a ghost story. Our Sensory Friendly guide will have specific information about moments that could be alarming for young children or those with sensory processing disorders. When the Sensory Friendly guide is ready, it will be posted on If you would like to have it emailed to you, send a request to

Yes. While watching the video, you can turn on captions in English or Spanish, or leave them off.

Yes! Teachers should register here, instead of through the regular process.

Using the education registration process will allow you to get a special link that allows more than one device to view the video at the same time. This is imperative if your students are watching on individual devices either at home or in class.

This also opens up access to a digital study guide to connect what your students are seeing with common core standards.

Get Ready to Watch

Your link is included in your confirmation email. The subject line of this email is “Your order has been submitted” and was sent from It will also be sent in a follow up email in mid December, late December and early January in an email with the subject line “Your Access to A Christmas Carol” from

There will be moments during the show when you can interact with the video. The actors will tell you what to do when those moments arrive. To best prepare, you can gather the items in advance. If you choose to use only a few items, or none at all, that’s OK, too!


  • Pots and pans/wooden spoon
  • A bell
  • Bubbles
  • A party hat or accessory to show your holiday spirit
  • Fezziwig’s Punch (see below for our suggested recipe)
  • A candy cane
  • An orange

Fezziwig’s Punch Recipes:

Equal parts Champagne, Prosecco, or your favorite sparkling wine and cranberry juice cocktail

Add a splash of Grand Marnier, Triple Sec, or Cointreau

Non-alcoholic version
Equal parts ginger ale and cranberry juice cocktail with a splash of OJ

The holidays are more fun when sharing them with the ones we love. This year’s online production makes is easier to share the experience with family and friends no matter where they live. Try a virtual watch party!

  • Have each household register for their own link to the show. (This is important if you intend to watch at the same time from different devices.)
  • Pick a date and show time that works for everyone.
  • Use one computer or mobile device to watch the show and use another to call (or video conference) with the others in your group if you’d like to talk to each other about what you’re seeing and hear their reactions.
  • If you are doing a phone call, put your phone on speaker in a central spot in the room.
  • We recommend that everyone test their connection, device set up, etc. prior to the appointed time.

Please stay safe! We recommend limiting your in-person viewing parties to the people in your household and use virtual communication options to include outside friends and family. Please follow the guidelines issued by the CDC and your local government officials to prevent COVID-19 transmission, including mask wearing, social distancing, and hand washing.

No. You can pause and resume it when you’re ready – whether that is in a few minutes or a few days. Or rewind and watch your favorite section over and over. If you resume watching during a different viewing session (i.e. you have to click the link again and not just un-pause), the video will start from the beginning.

You will reach a gray screen with a pink bar at the top that has the video release date and time. Clicking early will not impact your ability to click later and watch the video when it is released.

Get Ready to Watch: Technical Set Up

You can watch the show on an internet-connected computer or mobile device like a phone or tablet. If you have a Smart TV that allows you to access the internet, you can connect directly on the television. You can also connect your computer to your television or “cast” from a device to your television. See below for specific instructions.

Note that your link only enables streaming on one device at a time. If you start viewing on your tablet and then switch to your laptop, the stream will be available only on the laptop and no longer on the tablet. If you wish to view on multiple devices simultaneously, you will need to register multiple times to receive different viewing links.

There are several options for connecting to your television. Once you have selected a method, we recommend testing it out prior to viewing the show. You can use this video as a sample video while testing your connection.

Option 1: Connecting Directly from an iPad, Laptop, or Desktop Computer, Using an HDMI Cable

If your television has an HDMI port, you can use an HDMI cable to hook up your device directly to your television. You may also need an HDMI adapter. HDMI cables and adapters can be purchased online, or at Best Buy, office supply stores such as Staples and Office Depot, or department stores such as Target and Costco. Some Dollar Stores may also carry them.

Helpful Links:
Connecting a Windows laptop
Connecting an Apple laptop – You will likely need an HDMI adapter as well.
Connecting an Apple iPad – You will need the AV adapter, not the VGA.

Option 2: Using Apple AirPlay/Screen Mirroring

If you are using an Apple device, you may be able to use AirPlay or AppleTV to broadcast the performance on your television.

Here is a list of televisions that are compatible with AirPlay.

Instructions for setting up AirPlay can be found here.

Option 3: Using Chromecast

If you are using Google Chrome on Android devices, Chromebooks, or other PC devices or computers, you may be able to use Chromecast to broadcast the performance on your television.

If you have a newer television, it may have Chromecast built in (here is a list of some that do). Otherwise, a Chromecast device can be purchased and used with any TV that has an HDMI port.

Instructions for how to use Chromecast

Option 4: Using Your Smart TV

If you own a Smart TV, you may be able to browse directly on your television. View these instructions for how to get web videos to play on smart TVs.

A few more links

Here are a few more resources for watching on your television:

How to connect Your laptop to your TV

7 ways to get your computer screen up on your TV

To put the video in full screen mode, hover over the video and you will see the icons for pause, full screen, and volume. Click the full screen icon.

To return to the view with text beneath the video viewer and the form on the on right-hand side of the screen, press the Escape key on a computer or back button on a mobile device.

Our Box Office is available from Monday through Thursday, 12:00 – 4:00 pm ET at or (401) 351-4242. The Box Office (and all of Trinity Rep) will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and beginning December 24, re-opening on January 4.

The Box office will be able to provide general instructions but may not be able to troubleshoot your specific circumstances.

Here are a few trouble shooting tips:

  • Does your device have power/full charge?
  • Is someone else trying to use the same link? If so, register for your own link so you can both watch at the same time.
  • Can’t find your link? See the “Where is my link?” answer above.
  • Is the date between December 17 and January 10? Those are the only dates the video is available.
  • Having trouble connecting to your tv? Try the links above.

More Info and Bonus Content

Once the video is released, you will also be able to read the Viewers Guide to learn more about the actors, see behind-the-scenes photos, and read more about the making of the show.

Watch a bonus feature community sing-a-long with some of our favorite holiday songs. The lyrics for the sing-a-long are also in the Viewers Guide.

The bonus feature video and Viewers Guide will be found at under the heading IMPORTANT LINKS.

The Sensory Friendly guide will be posted to the website at when it is ready. If you would like to be emailed a copy of the guide when it is ready, email your request to

Access to this production is completely free for everyone, but it wasn’t free for us to produce. Tax-deductible donations to help underwrite the production and distribution are gratefully accepted. Any donations exceeding the cost of the production will help to fund future digital productions and educational programming. You can make a donation at any time at, text SCROOGE to 44-321, or use the donation form on the screen when you begin streaming.

Find out more about Trinity Rep, this production, education programs, and other opportunities. Follow us @trinityrepertorycompany on Facebook, @trinity_rep on Instagram, or @trinityrep on Twitter, or sign up to receive our emails here. You can also tag us on social email or email us at to let us know what you thought of the show.