What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is an international, online, social media giving day. This year, Giving Tuesday is November 29th, 2022.

How can I help?

By posting to social media on November 29th asking for others to donate to Trinity Rep to support all of the amazing things we do! Tag all of your posts with #GivingTuesday and @TrinityRep on your social media platform of choice!
Most importantly, include a donation link in every post, either to https://www.trinityrep.com/support/ or your own Give Lively fundraising page.

What should I post?

Trinity Rep is known for our Annual production of A Christmas Carol, reimagined each year. But some things are always the same, like Scrooge’s journey through his past, present and future. This year for Giving Tuesday, we want to celebrate YOUR past, present and future with Trinity Rep to inspire others to make a donation and support the amazing work that we do. You can share your own photos, share one of our graphics below, or print out a sign for a photo. We hope the following prompts will inspire you to share (and others to give) to celebrate our past, present and future together!

Trinity Rep Past 
What is your favorite memory with Trinity Rep? Or what was your first visit/connection to Trinity Rep? #memories @TrinityRep #GivingTuesday

Trinity Rep Present 
What is your current/recent role at Trinity Rep? (Artist, patron, student, donor, etc) #myRole @TrinityRep #GivingTuesday

Trinity Rep Future 
What do you dream of at Trinity Rep? Is there a production you want to see? Do you want to join the company on stage or behind the scenes? Do you want to bring your children (or grandchildren) to enjoy A Christmas Carol in the future? #myFuture @TrinityRep #GivingTuesday

Download and Share

Download and Print

Download, print out and fill in these prompts to tell everyone about your past, present and future with Trinity Rep! Then take a photo holding your sign and share online. (Don’t forget to include a link to our donation page.)