by Rachel Playe of Radia Herbs

We’re starting to see plants waking up from their winter hibernation and growing from seeds that were sown in fall. Look forward to young nettle, chickweed, and dandelion greens this time of year. Spring is also a time for harvesting roots from burdock and dandelion. It’s generally agreed upon that eating foods that are in season helps bring balance to the body. The same goes for drinking seasonal tisane (herbal tea) blends. For this tea, I take some of the fresh herb greens mentioned above and mix them with a dried herb to add more flavor!

Herbal recipe for a fresh springtime tisane:
2 tablespoons fresh nettles (once they are at least four inches tall)
2 tablespoons fresh chickweed
2 tablespoons fresh dandelion leaves (before it flowers)
2 tablespoons fresh burdock root
1 tablespoon of a dried herb that adds flavor (peppermint, lemon balm, anise hyssop, lemon verbena, etc.)

Place in one quart mason jar. Pour hot water over the herbs to cover and then place lid on the jar. Steep the herbs for at least five minutes for flavor, or 20 minutes (or longer) in order to extract more of their medicinal qualities. You could even let them steep overnight!

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