Aizhaneya Carter ’23

This is Aizhaneya’s Trinity Rep debut. Brown/Trinity Rep: Friendship/Girl/Time, Everybody; Hermione/Autolycus, The Winter’s Tale; Misha, White Noise Other Theaters: Belle/Mrs. Fred, A Christmas Carol; Cecilia, Fefu and Her Friends Other: Aizhaneya holds a B.A. in International Relations and Theatre Arts, and a French Certificate from the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently the producer of a short series gales., about Black, millennial nurses in Baltimore, selected for the 2021 Blackstar Film Festival, 2021 American Black Film Festival, 2022 Milwaukee Film Festival, and 2022 Pan-African Film Festival. She is a current candidate for her MFA in Acting and Directing at Brown/Trinity Rep. Learn more at IG: @aizhaneya.