Amy Smith

MFA Freelance Instructor

Amy Smith is a dance and theater artist, educator, and facilitator.  She works to dismantle oppressive structures in non-profit organizations and other groups so that artists and low income folks can achieve collective liberation.  She does this through financial well-being workshops, one-on-one work with clients giving financial advice and doing tax preparation, consulting with arts organizations, co-facilitating anti-racism sessions with co-facilitators of color, and as a dance and theater educator.  Amy co-founded, co-directed, and performed with Headlong, a dance theater non-profit that transformed into a community arts organization over 25 years.  She left Headlong in 2019 to pursue her freelance work.  She leads financial well-being workshops through Creative Capital, Assets for Artists, and in many other settings.  She holds a BA from Wesleyan University and has been greatly affected by her learning as part of artEquity’s National Facilitator Training and other anti-oppression trainings.