Anna Drummond

ANNA DRUMMOND (they/she) is a Boston-based sound designer specializing in live theatre, SFX curation, podcasting, and audiobooks. They have worked within the New England area for both professional theatre companies & educational institutions, including SpeakEasy (BLKS, Pass Over), Company One (Leftovers, Black Super Hero Magic Mama, can i touch it?), Huntington Theatre Company (Dream Boston: 3 Miles), Trinity Repertory & Brown University (EurydiceProwess), Harvard University (Married or Made), Boston Conservatory at Berklee (Everybody, Machinal, As You Like It), Northeastern University (Deferred, This Is Treatment, Problem Play), & Emerson College (In The Red & Brown Water, Alchemy of Desire/Dead Man’s Blues, We Are PussyRiot, The Hobbit, etc.)  Anna holds a BA with Honors in Sound Design/Audio Post-Production from Emerson College.