Dave Rabinow ’02

Teaching Artist

Trinity Rep: Ensemble, Wit; Poor Person, A Christmas Carol; ensemble, The Ruby Sunrise; Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare en El Verano. Other Theaters: Waffles, Uncle Vanya, Parrot, Anne Boleyn, Gamm Theatre; Mac, You Got Older, Sergeant/guitar, Futurity, Sam, The Flick, Matt, Straight White Men, The Wilbury Group. Other: Dave is an actor, improviser, playwright, and musician. He teaches at Providence College, the University of Rhode Island, Trinity Rep’s Young Actors Summer Institute (YASI) program, and the Gamm Studio. He is a graduate of the Trinity Rep Conservatory and is a co-founder of Elemental Theatre, a member of Improv Jones, and the musical improv group Vox Magna. Additionally, he frequently performs original songs at the Empire Revue, and his musical, A Brief History of the Earth and Everything In It…, was recently produced at URI.