Jenny Nguyen Nelson ’23

Trinity Rep: Belle/Fezziwig (u/s), A Christmas Carol (2019). Brown/Trinity Rep: Jenny/Bart 2, Mr. Burns a Post Electric Play; Harper, Angels in America; Claudio, Much Ado About Nothing; Orestes, Electra. Other Theaters: Somebody/Everybody, Everybody, Hermia, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, California Shakespeare Theater; Ajumma, Golf Girl, Clementine, Jar of Fat, Brown Writing Is Live; Mordecai the Great, I’ll Be In My Hannukah Palace, ARS NOVA ANT Fest; Anne Steele, Sense and Sensibility, Fox Puppeteer, Cinderella; Pacific Conservatory Theater. Other: Jenny loves her husband Ian and her dog Marty in no particular order and thanks them both equally for the support, as well as the rest of her beloved family in California. IG @bratwurst_banhmi