Jihan Haddad

Teaching Artist

Trinity Rep: Gail, Becky Nurse of Salem; Mrs. Cratchit, A Christmas Carol (2022); Estrella, Sueño; Lucia (u/s), Fade; Lydia (u/s), Lady Catherine (u/s), Mr. Darcy (u/s), Mr. Wickham (u/s), Pride and Prejudice; Brown/Trinity Rep: Eleanor and others, The Late Wedding; Miranda and others, The Tempest; Nellie Ewell/Rosa Gonzalez, Summer and Smoke; Golf Girl, Golf Girl (Writing is Live); Susan/Ida, The Executrix (Writing is Live) TV/Film: Salvation Other Theaters: Viola, Twelfth Night; Jeanne 1, Thrive (American Shakespeare Center); Soothsayer, Julius Caesar (The Hanover Theatre); Béatrice, from (National Black Theatre); Helen, Helen (Willamette University) Other: BA in Acting and French and Francophone Studies from Willamette University; MFA from Brown/Trinity Rep.