Madeleine Russell ’23

Trinity Rep: Sugar (u/s, performed) and Letter Writer (u/s, performed), Tiny Beautiful Things. Brown/Trinity Rep: Quincy/ Mr. Burns, Mr. Burns a Post-Electric Play; Betty 1, Collective Rage; Duke of York, The Henriad; Josie, The Skriker. Other Theaters: Hero, Much Ado About Nothing, The Flynn Space; Charlie/ Ophelia, Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s Macbeth, Atlantic Stage 2; Ensemble, The After-Dinner Joke, Atlantic Stage 2; Ensemble, The Possibilities, Atlantic Stage 2. Other: Madeleine is in her final semester of Brown/Trinity’s MFA in Acting program. She earned her BA from Middlebury College. Gratitude and love to her family and friends.