Ross Barron ’23

Trinity Rep: Young Man 5/Charles Wilcox/Peter/Toby’s Agent, The Inheritance; Fezziwig u/s, A Christmas Carol (2021). Brown/Trinity Rep: Louis, Angels in America: Part 1; Golf Announcer, Golf Girl; Gloucester/Suffolk, Henry VI, Parts 1-3; Polixenes/Clown, The Winter’s Tale; Ralph, White NoiseOther Theaters: Jeff, Derecho, Latinx Playwrights Circle; Ensemble, Conformity, Impact Theatre NYC; Second Murderer, Richard III, CommShakes; Thane of Ross, Mchiacbeth, Commshakes 2. Film/Television: Mark, The Situation produced by Dream Beings INC; Adam, Sticks & Stones produced by Neymarc Visuals. Ross holds a BA in English from Princeton University. He is deeply proud to share this story with you here at Trinity Rep!