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March 3, 2022 - March 9, 2022


by Nick Payne
Directed by Carol Ann Tan

Endless possibilities of love and loss  

There are multiple universes running parallel in which every sort of outcome is possible…including the ways Marianne and Roland’s relationship can go. They may meet and never see each other again, or they may meet and fall in love.  He might break her heart, or maybe she’ll break his. They could stay together forever, or lose each other tragically early. By mining the infinite possibilities of one relationship, Constellations explores whether heartbreak and hope can exist in the same universe. 

Cast & Creative

Liam MacDougall '22
Rebecca-Anne Whittaker


Carol Ann Tan '23
Patrick Lynch
Set Designer - Environment
Johanna Pan
Set and Costume Designer
Nic Vincent
Lighting Designer
Elliot Yokum
Sound Designer
Michael Cline
Speaker System Designer