Trinity Rep’s Active Imagination Network

In partnership with a variety of service organizations throughout Rhode Island, we offer engaging and high-spirited curriculum, which includes acting and improvisation, in order to give children and adults with autism, cognitive, and psychiatric disabilities the tools they need to learn, communicate, and build self-esteem.

Watch the episode of “Your Half Hour Call” with Curt about TRAIN from October 15, 2020.

 TRAIN’s curriculum is designed to:

  • Instill pragmatic skills such as initiating and maintaining conversations, building long-term friendships, problem solving, and conflict resolution
  • Enhance coping skills, such as goal setting and relaxation techniques
  • Increase non-verbal skills, including reading facial expressions and body language, defining personal space, and learning eye contact
  • Raise students’ self-esteem by encouraging and rewarding autonomy, public speaking, and a willingness to take positive risks
  • Give teachers and therapists the skills necessary to incorporate the arts into their classes and sessions on a permanent basis

Through TRAIN, we currently work with the following Rhode Island institutions that serve children on the autism spectrum or who suffer from chronic illness:

The Autism Project
Seven Hills RI
Bradley Hospital
Hasbro Partial Hospitalization Unit

To find out how you can bring drama into your classroom or sign up for TRAIN classes near you,