We now have two options for Assistive Listening Devices: one is wi-fi and the second is RF or radio frequency. Wi-fi can be accessed on your smartphone using the “Listen Everywhere App.”  


The Listen Everywhere app for iOS and Android brings clear audio in any venue that displays the Listen Everywhere logo, including Trinity Rep.  

Before coming to the theater, you can download the Listen Everywhere app on your phone or device. Search for Listen Every-where in your App Store. At the theater you can connect your headphones (Bluetooth or wired) to your device and launch the app.  

Then connect to Trinity Rep’s wi-fi. Select trc_guest as your networkThe password is “curtains”

Once you’re connected, the app will perform a brief venue scan to find available audio channels. After locating available audio channels, the Listen Everywhere app will display a welcome screen and may play a welcome video. You may skip the video by tapping the “skip ad” notice. Scroll through the list of available audio channels and tap on the channel of your choice to listen. You’ll want to choose the channel that corresponds to the theater where the play you’re attending is being performed. The Dowling Theater is located on the main floor at Trinity Rep. The Chace Theater is upstairs.  


We also have an RF or radio frequency system that does not require you to have your own device or headphones. This system transmits the audio by radio frequency to a pack that you can get from house management when you arrive at the theater. Each pack has an individual volume control. There are headphones available as well, and you can get induction neck loops for anyone who has a t-coil hearing aid that they would like to use.  


We hope you enjoy the new Assistive Listening system. If you have any questions in advance of your trip to Trinity Rep email stidwell@trinityrep.com. If you have questions while at the theater, contact a member of our staff. They have been trained on this equipment.