Q. What is a Sensory-Friendly Plus! performance? 

A. A “sensory-friendly” performance is a theater production that is specially catered to individuals with sensory needs, including but not limited to: people on the autism spectrum, with sensory processing disorders, epilepsy, or other sensory needs. We added the “Plus!” to indicate that the show is family- friendly with modified production elements. Guests are allowed to move around during the production. Our staff and actors are trained to accommodate the needs or our audienece during this production.  

Q. How can I get tickets? 

A. Tickets for this performance can be purchased through theTicket Office, securely online, in person, or by phone at (401) 351-4242. Be sure to mention that you would like to attend the Sensory-Friendly Plus! performance. 

Q. Who should attend a sensory-friendly plus performance? 

A. The Sensory-Friendly Plus! performances are specially designed for people with sensory needs, and their family, friends, and/or caretakers. If you or someone you know been unable to attend live theater or movies because of lack of accomodations , this is the perfect performance to go to. Whereas other public performances might frown upon a lot of movement or loud reactions, we will embrace and prepare for it! All children must be accompanied by an adult. e also encourage any caretakers of these guests to attend. 

Q. Can people without sensory needs attend this performance? 

A. Sensory-Friendly Plus! performances are designated especially for people with sensory needs and their friends and families. Not only will the production’s technical elements be different from a traditional performance, but the environment of the audience will be quite different. The lights in the audience will be raised slightly, allowing for more movement. We expect that many guests will be vocal during the performance, and will move around the theater. Trinity Rep patrons who do not require these modifications should try to book into another show to leave room for folks who need a sensory-friendly experience. 

Q. What changes will you be making to the production and scripts? 

A. The beloved story will not change, but some of the technical elements will be softened to accommodate sensory needs. Lights in the audience will be up for the entire show to allow safe movement in and out of the theater. Any haze or strobe lights will be removed. Abrupt and loud sound effects will be lowered significantly,  and the volume will be set at a comfortable level. Actors’ paths through the audience will be changed to allow for movement of patrons.   

Q. How else are Sensory-Friendly Plus! Performances different? 

Should a patron need a break, the lobbies will be open and there will be a table set up in the main lobby with sensory activities, games, and other materials for them to interact with and enjoy. During this performance, restrooms will be unisex throughout the building. The lobby will be a designated safe area for patrons to relax if they are overstimulated. We will also allow outside snacks inside the theater to cater to dietary needs. Our concessions stand will be stocked with some special snacks too! 

Q. How can I prepare for a Sensory-Friendly Plus! Performance? 

A. Trinity Rep will provide a plot synopsis and social story to help prepare any wary first-timers. We encourage families and caretakers to read the synopsis of the show and use the social story to prepare for the whole theatrical experience, from beginning to end.  Also, we are planning a “Meet Your Seat” session one hour before the performance begins. Patrons and their families can come early to see where they will be sitting, get a preview of the set, and meet our friendly staff. 

Q. Can I bring chew toys, fidget toys, headphones, or other items that help me or family member/friend stay calm? 

A. Of course! We encourage you to bring any items that might make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Q. I or my family member/friend uses a wheelchair. Can you accommodate us? 

A. Yes, Trinity Rep has an elevator and wheelchair-accessible seating. Please inform the ticket office of any mobility issues – especially if you received a ticket through another organization. Please call (401) 351-4242 or visit the ticket office to redeem any vouchers and notify them of special seating needs. 

Q. Are service animals allowed in the theater? 

A. Yes, Trinity Rep always allows service animals to accompany patrons. 

Q. If I or my family member/friend cannot sit through the entire show, will we be able to leave the theater? If we decide to, will we be able to return to our seats? 

A. Yes, ushers and staff will be helping any travelers to the lobby area. If the patron decides they cannot finish the show, you can absolutely leave the theater early. If they simply need a break, our lobbies will be available. Whenever possible, house management will guide patrons back to their original seats. If not, they can be re-seated in the back of the theater. 

Q. Does Trinity Rep have any other programs for people with disabilities? 

A. Yes! Trinity Rep has a dedicated education program for people with cognitive and physical disabilities called TRAIN (Trinity Rep Active Imagination Network). This program uses theater as a means for building confidence, establishing tools for communication, and making friends. TRAIN works with The Autism Project, Bradley Hospital, Sargent Rehabilitation Center, Bradley Schools, and Seven Hills RI. Learn more

For every Trinity Rep production, we also have accessible seating available and open captioned performances. Learn more

Q. I have another question. Who can I contact about the sensory-friendly performance? 

A. You can feel free to contact Jordan Butterfield, director of education and accessibility, with any questions! Call at (401) 453-9214 or email her at education@trinityrep.com