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March 9, 2023 - March 19, 2023

the book of Lucy

By Ngozi Anyanwu
Directed by Andrew Watring

Transforming doubt into radical change

Immediately following their fall from heaven, Lucifer, or Lucy as they come to understand themself, reflects on conversations, relationships, and decisions that brought them to their unfortunate paradise lost. We are transported into Lucy’s life before and after the fall. Through a beautifully woven series of vignettes, rituals, and hymns; and a healthy dose of Black magic, Lucy navigates the annals of the Book of Genesis and beyond, searching for the meaning of their existence. the book of Lucy unfurls this journey from a Black diasporic lens, the uncontainable movement from doubt to radical change. 

Cast & Creative

Aizhaneya '23
Narrator/Lucy/Eve/God, The Mother/Luke/Legba
Kai Thomani Tshikosi '23
Rebecca-Anne Whittaker
Narrator/Lucy/Be/God, The Holy Spirit/Luce/Eshu/Lilith/Lucifer
Tobias Wilson '23
Narrator/Lucy/Adam/God, The Son/Lucifer/Eshu/Robert


Andrew Watring
Matthew Requintina
Music Director
Romello Huins
Set Designer
Raphael Regan
Costume Designer
Ebony M. Burton
Lighting Designer
Anna Drummond
Sound Designer
Destiny Hyman
Stage Manager
Kai Thomani Tshikosi '23
Fight Choreographer
Tobias Wilson '23
Dance Captain