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May 4, 2018 - May 19, 2018


By Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Addie Gorlin

Didn’t you already mourn for your father, young lady?…To mourn twice is excessive.

Eurydice has been in mourning for her father, but has a chance at happiness by marrying Orpheus, but that’s cut short by her untimely death. Orpheus mourns for her as she tries to make sense of the Underworld after being stripped of her memory. It’s a place of little logic, but her father, still clinging to his identity out of love for her, helps her navigate it, and find herself again. When Orpheus finds a way into the Underworld, Eurydice has a chance to return to life and be with him, but that means leaving her father behind forever. Torn between the men she loves, Eurydice must navigate her grief and her desire to move on in this soulful retelling of the Greek myth.

Cast & Creative

Will Adams '19
Katie Croyle '19
Brendan D. Hickey '19
Orlando Hernández
Anita Castillo-Halvorssen '19
Big Stone
Elizabeth Lewis '19
Loud Stone
Viraj Gandhi '19
Little Stone


Addie Gorlin '19