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October 1, 2017 - November 22, 2017

Skeleton Crew

By Dominique Morisseau
Directed by Tiffany Nichole Greene

The contemporary American Dream

In Detroit, as the Great Recession begins, a makeshift family of four factory workers toil as their industry flirts with failure. With their future uncertain, Faye, Shanita, Dez, and foreman Reggie must decide how they will balance their own desires, their loyalty to one another, and their survival. More than a half century after Willy Loman struggled for success, this fresh, off-Broadway play shows us that the quest for the American Dream endures.

This show is performed as part of the fall rep, The American Dream, Then and Now. For more information about Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, performed in repertory with Skeleton Crew, click here.

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*Please note that a strobe light is used in this production.

Spoiler Alert!


Below is a synopsis of the show. You've been warned.

It’s winter in Detroit and the Great Recession is just beginning. Everyone has a lot on their mind – especially the workers at the last small auto factory left standing in the city. Rumors of the plant’s closing are inescapable.

Faye has been working on the line for almost 30 years. She’s tough, with the scars to prove it – both physical and emotional. After a lifetime of hard work, she’s looking forward to retirement – but has to get there first. She hides her secrets well and looks out for those around her.

Dez is trying to save up enough to start up his own auto repair shop. He’s stubborn and suspicious of others – especially Reggie. He is vying for the affections of Shanita – another one of the line workers.

Shanita works hard and follows the rules. She takes pride in her work and is trying to do what’s best for the baby she’s expecting in a few months. She is not at all interested in Dez’s flirting.

Reggie is their foreman. He’s got a special relationship with Faye, but is regarded with distrust by the others. He knows that the management is planning to shut the place down but can’t tell the crew. He confesses his dilemma to Faye: he wants to help them, but also needs to keep his family and his future in mind.

Then the plant is robbed and management threatens to crack down on all rule infractions – breakroom card playing and cigarette smoke included. Meanwhile, tension builds and uncertainty about the future tears at the crew.

After Dez is caught with a gun in his bag, he waits with Faye and Shanita to hear about his fate. Tense small talk explodes into accusations and distrust. Shanita and Faye want to know about the gun and whether Dez is the thief. He exposes Faye for keeping Reggie’s secret about the plant closing. They feel betrayed by each other and their bosses.

Reggie opts not to turn Dez in – he knows the line between their situations is paper thin – but he still may not be able to save him. He may not even be able to save himself.

Cast & Creative

Lizan Mitchell
Shenyse Harris '18
Jude Sandy
Will Adams '19

Additional Cast


Tiffany Nichole Greene '11
Sara Brown
Set Designer
Costume Designer
John Ambrosone
Lighting Designer
Justin Ellington
Sound Designer
Maranda DeBusk
Associate Lighting Designer


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