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November 11, 2021 - November 21, 2021

The Late Wedding

By Christopher Chen
Directed by Aileen Wen McGroddy

November 11, 2021 – November 21, 2021

A daring look at how relationships unravel 

Based on the works of fabulist writer Italo Calvino, The Late Wedding takes a dive into the challenges of intimacy, longing, and trust in romantic relationships through a series of genre-bending vignettes. From documentary-style tours of marriages across fictional cultures to an intergalactic voyage across the stars, playwright Christopher Chen masterfully weaves Calvino’s second person narrative style with his signature wit. The play explores timeless themes of the malleability of personal relationships, the desire to be in a partnership, why we search for this mythical person called “the one”, and the exquisite compromise of commitment.   

Cast & Creative

Alfredo Antillon '21
Han, Others
Narrator, Others
Andrew Gombas '21
Sailor, Others
Jihan Haddad
Eleanor, Others
Gunnar Manchester '22
Stranger, Others
Han Van Sciver '21
General, Others


Aileen Wen McGroddy
Tatiana Kahvegian
Set Designer
Camilla Dely
Costume Designer
Jennifer Fok
Lighting Designer
Caroline Eng
Sound Designer
Grace Dolan
Stage Manager