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April 11, 2019 - May 12, 2019

Little Shop of Horrors

Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman
Music by Alan Menken
Directed by Tyler Dobrowsky

A perennially-popular, award-winning musical, Little Shop of Horrors blends doo-wop, rock, and Motown into a charming and totally-twisted must-see Trinity Rep event. A strange and unusual plant seems like just the thing to save a beleaguered Skid Row flower shop and its hapless employees, Seymour and Audrey. But when that plant turns out to feed only on blood and is inclined toward world-domination, well… things get a little messy. This deviously-delicious musical will be fun for the whole family.

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Spoiler Alert!


Below is a synopsis of the show. You've been warned.

Seymour is working at Mushnik’s Skid Row Flower Shop and things aren’t going well. Mr. Mushnik is one day away from closing the place for good, and the girl that Seymour in love with, his co-worker Audrey, is dating an abusive sociopath – Orin Scrivello, DDS. While Seymour is walking through the floral district one day there is a sudden solar eclipse. Right after, Seymour finds a weird-looking plant sitting amongst a bunch of regular flowers. He buys it, takes it back to the flower shop, and names it Audrey Two – after his love. When Mushnik decides to close for good one day, Seymour suggests putting the strange plant in the window to draw in new customers. It works and soon the entire town is talking about Mushnik’s flower shop and this strange little plant. As business starts to boom for Mushnik, Seymour struggles to find what the plant wants to eat to thrive. He tries water, sunlight, plant food, and has just about given up when a small prick of his finger on a rose leads him to find that the plant wants one thing – blood. The flower shop thrives –and so does Audrey Two (who even begins to talk!).  With money and orders flowing in, everything is looking up for Seymour, except that Audrey is still dating that terrible dentist. Seymour pays him a visit and things go awry – ending with the dentist dead. Seymour feeds the dentist’s body to Audrey Two and finds that, once again, life gets a little better. He begins to confess his love to the real Audrey when Mushnik confronts him and shows him the evidence that he murdered the dentist. Seymour freezes and thinks of everything he will lose as Audrey Two begins to egg him on to feed him. Seymour does, and Mushnik becomes the next victim of the plant. With all obstacles seemingly out of the way, a successful floral shop, and a finally getting together with the original Audrey, everything seems to be on Seymour’s side. The plant is thriving, but hungry, and World Botanical Enterprises is on its way to interview Seymour and get photos of the plant. Audrey goes to look at Audrey Two and the plant begins to talk to her. The plant tricks her and asks her to water it, and as she gets close, grabs her and tries to eat her. Seymour rushes in and attempts to rescue Audrey – but she dies in his arms – only after asking to be fed to the plant. He complies. As World Botanical Enterprises arrives to find a sullen Seymour, Seymour realizes he no longer can deal with Audrey Two and decides to kill the plant. He tries to shoot Audrey Two, feed it rat poison, and then finally charges the plant with a machete – as Audrey Two eats him. Unable to find Seymour, World Botanical Enterprises goes to Audrey Two and begins to clip its leaves, planning on selling and distribute the clippings – making thousands of Audrey Two plants – and leaving them to take over the world.

Community Partners

Cast & Creative

Stephen Berenson
Mr. Mushnik
Timothy Crowe
Janice Duclos
Taavon Gamble
Skip Snip
Rebecca Gibel
Carla Martinez
Olivia Miller '19
Elexis Morton
Jude Sandy
Kedren Spencer
Stephen Thorne
The Dentist
Rachael Warren
The Voice of the Plant
Ted Chylack
The Plant (Puppeteer)

Additional Cast

Emma Sheldon
EJ Spillberg


Tyler Dobrowsky
Sara Brown
Set Design
Qween Jean
Costume Design
Dan Scully
Lighting Design
Peter Sasha Hurowitz
Sound Design
Emily Christoffersen
Wig Designer
Esther Zabinski
Musical Direction
yaTande Whitney V. Hunter
Kristen Gibbs
Stage Manager
James Kane
Assistant Stage Manager


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