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The Good John Proctor

by Talene Monahon
Directed by Kimberly Senior
September 7 – 15 / September 28 – November 12

A chillingly memorable prequel 

Perhaps you recall the young women who led the “witch hunt” in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. But did you know that in reality, “temptress” Abigail Williams was just an 11-year-old girl? Her cousin Betty Parris was an imaginative 9-year-old; while Mercy Lewis was an anxiety-ridden child seeking refuge in alcohol, and Mary Warren an epileptic orphan. When Abigail begins working for 60-year-old farmer John Proctor, their lives unravel from playing with poppets and churning butter into something unexpected. The Good John Proctor reexamines the Salem Witch Trials through the eyes of the four young girls at its center.

The Good John Proctor runs in rep with Becky Nurse of Salem.



Kimberly Senior