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Someone Will Remember Us

By Deborah Salem Smith and Charlie Thurston
Created by Dr. Michelle Cruz, Deborah Salem Smith, and Charlie Thurston
January 23 – February 23, 2025

Reflecting on the ripples of conflict 

 In 2006, Trinity Rep told the true, poignant stories of Rhode Islanders deployed in Iraq with the play Boots on the Ground. Nearly 20 years later, how does this legacy live on … and what have we forgotten? Someone Will Remember Us interlaces the real-life testimonies of U.S. military veterans,  a Gold Star family, Iraqi civilians, and refugees living in Rhode Island. As military conflict wages on multiple fronts across the world, this production paints a moving portrait of the innumerable tolls of war, and how we find connection through it all.

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Deborah Salem Smith
Co-creator and playwright
Charlie Thurston
Co-creator and playwright
Michelle Cruz
Christopher Windom