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March 14, 2019 - April 14, 2019

The Song of Summer

By Lauren Yee
Directed by Taibi Magar

That song on every radio and wedding DJ’s playlist — that catchy earworm that’s inescapable for an entire summer — the “song of the summer” …there’s more to it than everyone knows. There’s more to know about its singer, too — like why he snuck away from a concert and traveled hundreds of miles to visit the home of his childhood piano teacher. What – and who – he finds there could change his career and his life. A touching story about how revisiting the past can change our future.

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Spoiler Alert!


Below is a synopsis of the show. You've been warned.

Robbie shows up at his old piano teacher Mrs. C’s house in Pottsville, PA very early in the morning, after driving away from a concert he was giving a few states over. This visit is a big surprise; Robbie moved away many years ago, and became a musician, writing a hit song. Mrs. C. adores Robbie, as he was a devoted student, and a good friend to her daughter, Tina. But Robbie isn’t doing very well right now; his song is controversial because of its lyrics and because another music group believes he plagiarized their work. Robbie doesn’t want to continue his tour with all this bad press, although, as his manager Joe reminds him, not doing so would jeopardize his upcoming record deal. Robbie has a plan though; he can prove he wrote his song, and make the lawsuit go away. He just needs to find a video he made for Tina while they were in high school. In high school, Robbie was a nerd, and Tina was adventurous and cool, and determined to leave town. The two had a fling once, even though Tina was dating someone else. The interaction hadn’t ended well, Tina felt rejected, but Robbie had filmed himself singing a song she wrote as an apology (his hit song of the summer). Soon after, Robbie and his family moved out of Pottsville and they didn’t stay in touch. Today, Tina is a little worn down, divorced from her high school boyfriend, and still hasn’t left Pottsville, where she lives with her mom. Robbie, still infatuated, asks her on a date, which she agrees to. Robbie is thrilled, but Joe tells him he needs to focus on getting the tape from her, or else the newly-issued boycott on his song will destroy his tour and music career. Tina is evasive on the date about why she never left town, but she and Robbie finally have it out over their high school fling. Robbie learns Tina never saw the tape he made, and so never got his apology before his family moved. The tape also may have been recorded over. Robbie’s career is over then, but he’s oddly elated, happy to finally know why he and Tina lost contact, and kisses Tina. The next morning, he and Tina come in from their night out, and Mrs. C has found the tape. Robbie’s music career is safe, and Joe wants Tina to come with them to affirm the story, saving them from the bad press about the lyrics as well. But Tina has another secret and this one may change Robbie’s life even more.

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Cast & Creative

Charlie Thurston
Anne Scurria
Mrs. C
Joe Wilson, Jr.
Tina Chilip '06
William Derby


Taibi Magar
Lauren Yee
Tatyana-Marie Carlo
Assistant Director
Adam Rigg
Set Design
Valérie Thérèse Bart
Costume Designer
Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew
Lighting Design
Mikaal Sulaiman
Sound Designer
Kristin Leahey
Max Vernon
Helen Park
Sara Sheets
Stage Manager
Alexandra D'Agostino
Assistant Stage Manager
Wall-e The Dog
Assistant to the Stage Manager / Crew Support