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February 20, 2020 - March 22, 2020

A Tale of Two Cities

By Brian McEleney
based on the novel by Charles Dickens
Directed by Tyler Dobrowsky


Love, redemption, and revolution

Against a tumultuous backdrop of social and political upheaval emerges a passionate story of romance, sacrifice, and vengeance. This fresh new adaptation fuses the late 18th century with the contemporary, bringing the epic and universal face-to-face with the intensely intimate and personal. “The best of times and the worst of times” are brought to vivid life on stage in this remarkable approach to the time-honored classic.

The perfect show for fans of great literature, history, and epic stories.

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Spoiler Alert!


Below is a synopsis of the show. You've been warned.

A Tale of Two Cities is a big story set in a sweeping world, where people try their best in a political and economic system that does not make it easy to be a good person.

In 1775, Lucie Manette is reunited with her father, the haunted Dr. Manette, newly released from the infamous Bastille fortress. The pair flee France in crisis and share a boat with the wry, but kind, Charles Darnay on their way to England. Five years later, when Darnay stands accused of treason, Lucie and the Doctor attest to his good character. After some skillful legal maneuvering, Sydney Carton – a prison official and a known drunk – wins Darnay an acquittal, saving him from the death penalty.

Despite Carton’s intercession on Darnay’s behalf, and despite the strange physical similarity between the two men, Darnay and Carton soon realize that they do not care for each other at all. They do, however, care deeply for Lucie Manette. This leads Darnay to propose, and to reveal his family secret: although he has disowned his inheritance, he is a member of the elite Marquis family. Lucie accepts his proposal, and they soon have a daughter, Little Lucie. However, Lucie is still committed to helping Carton cast off his bad habits, like over-drinking, and embrace his best self.

Meanwhile, in France, the lord Marquis runs into trouble of his own. After accidentally running over a child in his carriage, killing him instantly, the Marquis responds to the shock and horror of the locals with disinterest. The next day, the Marquis is found with a knife in his heart and a note, written by the child’s father, Gaspard, taking responsibility for the lord’s murder. At the advice of Monsieur Defarge and his wife, Madame Defarge, prominent leaders in the French Revolution, Gaspard resists arrest, and the revolution begins in earnest.

Darnay returns to France, where his true identity is discovered and he is arrested for his status as an aristocrat. At the trial, Monsieur and Madame Defarge use a note that Dr. Manette wrote in prison, condemning the Marquis and his descendants as evidence against Darnay. Dr. Manette’s pleas on behalf of Lucie’s husband are ignored, and Darnay is sentenced to death. This devastates Lucie, but with her daughter in mind, she is determined to save her family.

Carton, Lucy’s former suitor, is determined to help her. With the help of Barsad, one of his friends, Carton sneaks into the jail where Darnay is held. The two switch clothes, and Carton drugs Darnay. Carton remains behind in Darnay’s clothing, and a surprised Barsad carries the unconscious Darnay out of the prison and back to his family. A shocked and grateful Lucie, Darnay, and daughter return to England as quickly as possible. Darnay’s escape heightens tensions within the revolutionary camp, and Madame Defarge is killed. In response, Monsieur Defarge stops the search for Darnay and his family to mourn his loss.

In the prison, a seamstress jailed alongside Darnay sees through Carton’s deception and blesses him for his sacrifice. Carton walks to the guillotine and reflects on the love that Lucie introduced to his life.

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Cast & Creative

Stephen Berenson
Monsieur Defarge
Rudy Cabrera
Matt Clevy
Marquis, Ensemble
Timothy Crowe
Mr. Lorry
Jackie Davis
Rachel Dulude
Miss Pross, Ensemble
Daniel Duque-Estrada '13
Sydney Carton
Jotae Fraser '20
John Barsad, Ensemble
Brian McEleney
Doctor Manette
Rebecca Gibel
Lucie Manette
Taavon Gamble
Charles Darnay
Dave Rabinow
Rachael Warren
Madame Defarge
Christopher Sadlers


Brian McEleney
Adaptor and Playwright
Tyler Dobrowsky
Joel Thibodeau
Music Director, Composer, Musician
Eugene Lee
Set Design
Toni Spadafora-Sadler
Costume Design
Kate McGee
Lighting Design
Peter Sasha Hurowitz
Sound Design
Kristen Gibbs
Stage Manager
James Kane
Assistant Stage Manager
Eddie DeHais
Assistant Director
Patrick Lynch
Assistant Set Designer
Lizzy Pegler
Assistant to the Costume Designer
Mark Rose
Fight Choreographer


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