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May 16, 2019 - June 16, 2019


By José Rivera
Directed by Brian Mertes

A sensational search for hope among the ruins

Marisol is a young professional used to life on her own in the wilds of the big city. But everything changes on the day she wakes up to find the world has crumbled into a surreal dystopia – the battleground of a war between the angels and God. Frightened, but resolved, she sets out through the turmoil on a journey to protect her friend. Marisol is an everywoman searching for stability in a maelstrom of chaos, holding on to hope in a world she no longer understands.

Be sure to check out this show if you’re a fan of American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Purge, or A Clockwork Orange.

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Spoiler Alert!


Below is a synopsis of the show. You've been warned.

Marisol Perez has worked hard to get where she is. She’s working a white-collar job in Manhattan at a science textbook publishing company, she has a coworker, June, who is a good friend, and her life is “normal,” for what it is.

Though she works in Manhattan, Marisol still lives in the criminal hell that is the early 1990s Bronx, which is where she grew up. One night on her commute home, she is nearly assaulted by a mad man on the train. Narrowly escaping death, she returns to her apartment only to hear the violence of her neighborhood as she tries to get some sleep.

As she sleeps, Marisol is visited by her guardian angel. She reveals to Marisol that she has been protecting her for her entire life. The angel then explains to Marisol that God is dying and can no longer take care of the world that he created. The angels have decided that they must protect the earth and try to bring order back into the world and that the only way to do this is to go to war with God. The angel tells Marisol that she is on her own now since the angel must take up arms with the fellow angels. The angel explains that she can no longer protect Marisol and leaves her to fend for herself.

The next morning comes and Marisol goes to work where June rushes to her side. She explains that there was a vicious attack on the Subway the night before and that a woman named Marisol Perez is dead – a woman with her name. Shaken, Marisol tries to work but ends up confessing to June that she had a dream the night before where she was visited by her guardian angel. Marisol is then visited by a man who seems out of touch with reality. He demands that Marisol pay him for his work on a film. When Marisol explains that he has the wrong location, he refuses to leave. The man continues to harass Marisol until June appears. Both women are visibly shaken, and June suggests that she and Marisol leave work and go to June’s home.

At June’s apartment, in Brooklyn, Marisol meets June’s brother, Lenny. Lenny immediately makes Marisol uncomfortable by taking her hand and kissing it, as well as showing her a sculpture that he’s made based on his love for her. June tries to make light of the situation but she and Lenny quickly end up in a verbal argument. June accuses Lenny of being a deadbeat and throws him out of her house – immediately asking Marisol to move in and take his place. Marisol excitedly agrees and decides to return to the Bronx one last time to collect her things. As she leaves, Lenny sneaks back in and strikes June – leaving her for dead.

As Marisol is packing at her Bronx apartment she hears a knock on the door. It’s Lenny, who has come to be with Marisol. He brings her flowers, tells her that they are meant to be together, and lets it slip that June had an “accident” and then Marisol sees the golf club. She begs Lenny to tell her what happened to June. He tells her that she must be with him and that in return he will offer her protection. After trying to talk to Lenny about what happened, he admits to hitting June with the club. Enraged, Marisol yells at Lenny and attacks him. Marisol runs away only to realize that the world around her is crumbling because the angels and God are at war.

Suddenly, everything is different. It is much warmer, even though it is supposed to be the dead of winter, and the street is trashed. Marisol has encounters with a number of characters, all of whom have suffered because of the war. Marisol decides to make her way to Brooklyn to find June when she comes across Lenny – who is now pregnant. They speak for a few moments before they hear a Nazi who has come to attack them – when they realize that the Nazi is June.

Marisol is trying to remind June of who she really is when Lenny goes into labor. She and Marisol rush to his side and help him birth a baby – but it is stillborn. The three begin a trek across Brooklyn to find a place to bury Lenny’s baby. When they reach the graveyard, Marisol is overcome with emotion. She is quiet for a moment and then it dawns on her what she must do — she turns to Lenny and June and tells them that they must find the angels. She explains that they must fight with them to help save the world from destruction and despair.

Suddenly, one of the strangers from Marisol’s journey reappears and kills Marisol. She dies instantly, but Marisol closes the play by describing the war between the angels and God, and reports that the humans finally come together to help the Angels win the war, restore peace, and usher in a new millennium.

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Cast & Creative

Angela Brazil
Octavia Chavez-Richmond '18
Jackie Davis
Woman with Furs
Mia Ellis '12
The Angel
Mauro Hantman
Man with Golf Club
Brian McEleney
Voice / Scar
Charlie Thurston '12
Joe Wilson, Jr.
Voice / Ice Cream Cone


Brian Mertes
José Rivera
Ashley Frith
Composer/Musical Director/Viola
Kei Soares Cobb
Orlando Pabotoy
Eugene Lee
Set Design
Cait O’Connor
Costume Design
Cha See
Lighting Design
Broken Chord
Sound Design
Meg Tracy Leddy
Stage Manager
Julia Perez
Assistant Stage Manager


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